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Power Display offers printing services for posters,  ideal for snap frames and a-boards. Our posters are high quality prints, which are done on a large format HP digital printer, with uses high quality HP inks.

Standard Specifications:

  • Printed in high resolution digital printer
  • 2 posters supplied of the same image
  • HP quality printer and HP quality inks
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Standard sizes A2, A1, A0, 20 x 30" - other sizes on request
  • Printed on high quality poster paper - can print onto other materials at request
  • If you need any other sizes, or small or large quantities, please call for further assistance.

FREE delivery to Mainland Britain - click here for further details.

From: £19.99

Available Options:

2 x A4 Posters£19.99
2 x A3 Posters£22.99
2 x A2 Posters£27.99
2 x A1 Posters£31.99
2 x A0 Posters£44.99
2 off - 20 x 30" Posters£29.99
2 off - 30 x 40" Posters£47.49
2 off 40 x 60" Posters£89.99
Total Price:
Price: £19.99

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Additional Product Information

Poster Sizes 
A4210 x 297mm
A3297 x 420mm
A2420 x 594mm
A1594 x 841mm
A0841 x 1189mm
20 x 30"508 x 762mm
30 x 40"762 x 1016mm
40 x 60"1016 x 1524mm
Artwork Specifications for Printing – Artwork Supplied by Clients
Please send all artwork to - up to 10mb
Anything bigger, please use a file sharing site such as or other such sites.

Artwork that does not meet the following criteria may require design work that will incur an additional cost. If you don't have artwork we can design for you, however this will be at a cost - call for details.

File Format
We only accept:
PDF files (high resolution), Tiff files (high resolution), EPS files (encapsulated post‐script), JPEG files (high resolution).

All images/artwork must be 300 dpi or greater.
Images must be 300 dpi (dots per inch) when viewed at 100% (converting a lower resolution file to 300 dpi will NOT improve the image).
Please note that standard web/internet images are only 72 dpi and are not of a high enough quality for printing. The use of such images may also be a breach of copyright.

Colour Mode
The colour mode of all artwork must be CMYK and not RGB. CMYK gives more predictable results than RGB.

Fonts/ Typefaces
All fonts/typefaces must be embedded or outlined. If you do not embed the fonts they will be substituted by other fonts and your work will no longer look the same.

All artwork requires a 5mm bleed area.