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We can manufacture almost any size of chalkboard.

Coated in our easy clean surface, our boards will last and be available for use over and over again.

Designed for use with ChalkPens.

Cleaned properly the surface leaves no smearing or ghosting effects.

Once cleaned, the surface looks like new.

From: £12.99

Available Options:

2' x 1'£12.99
2' x 2'£24.74
2' x 3'£39.4275
2' x 4'£49.21917
3' x 1'£18.865
3' x 3'£54.115
3' x 4'£73.69833
4' x 2'£49.21917
6' x 2'£73.69833
Total Price:
Price: £12.99

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