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PVC Banners are outdoor durable and roll up - so ideal for events and the like.

Their durability makes them ideal for longer term use, areas of high traffic & frequent handling.

PVC Banners can be supplied with eyelets for threading a rope or bungee cord through, or hems into which rope, or a pole can be inserted.

Poles inserted into a top and bottom hem allows ceiling hanging, and keeps the banner much flat.

The finish is smooth matt, although heavy ink coverage can give a slight sheen.

All our PVC Banners are printed full colour using high resolution large format digital printers. PVC Banners are printed with UV resistant inks.

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From: £91.50

Available Options:

2000mm x 1000mm£91.50
2500mm x 1000mm£108.00
3000mm x 1000mm£126.00
3500mm x 1000mm£138.00
4000mm x 1000mm£159.00
4500mm x 1000mm£177.00
5000mm x 1000mm£195.00
5500mm x 1000mm£211.50
6000mm x 1000mm£223.50
6500mm x 1000mm£241.50
7000mm x 1000mm£258.00
7500mm x 1000mm£274.50
8000mm x 1000mm£292.50
8500mm x 1000mm£310.50
9000mm x 1000mm£331.50
9500mm x 1000mm£349.50
10000mm x 1000mm£367.50
Total Price:
Price: £91.50

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