Freestanding Shield Showcase 1.8 metre high stand - loop nylon

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Available with two stand options, dependant on size and application. A 1m stand with angle

adjustable mount is ideal for foyer or menu use, whereas the 1.8m stand is ideal for information or event notices.

Key Features:

  • 1m stand has a powder coated steel base, an aluminium pole and angle adjustable mounting plate - board angles from vertical to 45°.
  • 1.8m stand has Aluminium support with substantial steel base.
  • All showcases have support stays.
  • Available in 7 case colours, 12 loop nylon colours and 3 letterboard options.
  • Loop nylon noticeboard accepts both pins and Velcro.
  • Leaflet dispenser not included - call for details.
  • See price list for full size information.

FREE delivery to Mainland Britain - click here for further details.

From: £309.99

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Total Price:
Price: £309.99

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